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.:Tuesday, February 08, 2005:.
::Beer can make you friendly, funny, sad, sometimes feral and often fat, and the saving grace for tiresome drunks is that it has never helped them stay awake.. BUT, the days of "ah screw it, he'll shut up and fall over eventually" may be at an end. In one of the episode of Simpsons (or most of them), Homer Simpson's philosophy that alcohol is "the cause and solution to all of life's problems", US brewer in Budweiser has combined a potential hang-over and its fabled cure in one can. This caffeine beer, with gurana and ginseng also in the mix, the beer "has an aroma of blackberry and a little bit of cherry... which is unexpected. "It has typical beer flavours, like hops and malt and it finishes with what we're calling the WOW factor," says a brew master and creater of BE. Welcome to the age of beer infused with caffeine. ::

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.:Saturday, January 22, 2005:.
::Hey everybody, I realise it has been a long time since the last post so i have put in a new one. Scroll down to the picture of the car and its under that. Cheers .:Will:::

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.:Friday, November 12, 2004:.
::Confession Of a Cosmo Reader

I have to be honest. I love reading Cosmopolitan, the magazine for fun, fearless females. Upon my most recent self-examination, i have found myself to be neither fun, fearless, nor female. With the recent advances in science technology, i could be, one out of the three. (at the very best)

My personal obsession with Cosmo started about one year ago when i saw a March edition with Rebecca Romjin-Stamos on the cover. I think i was hanging out with my friends at the time in some place. Out of boredom, i started to read it. About two hours later, i was hooked.

Basically, the whole magazine is about horny women! To many of you who have not read the magazine, i will give you a brief summary. The whole magazine is divided into three sections.

First, this magazine caters to horny women who want to please their men and want to pleasure themselves.
Second, Cosmo is for horny women who are looking for flings and land a man. Very rarely does one read an article about virginal girls who are looking for that one long-term relationship.
Third, Cosmo has these quizzes that help one gauge how horny one is.

For me, it is so fascinating to read about what goes through the minds of the better sex. Mind you, i dont know that many women who are as morally loose as the entities in Cosmo’s “True Confession.” Actually, i dont know that many women but i digress. (Note: if you are a Cosmo girl, email me at inf3st@hotmail.com) Hehe.

Glamour is okay. But they have gossip and fashion tips mixed in with sex. If i ordered a lettuce salad, i don’t want tomatoes, cucumbers, and anything else, if you know what i mean. Vogue and Elle suck. Basically, Cosmo is "mah thang" as most of my friends such as Will or Dave would hear me say to anything that i love.

Now, enjoying Cosmo presents itself with a problem. I am currently without a girlfriend (again, email me at inf3st@hotmail.com) and therefore do not have the luxury of reading my significant others Cosmo. I initially entertained the idea of getting a subscription, but i would be ashamed to see my mailing label attached to a women’s magazine on the coffee table. How would I explain it?

At least, with the news stand copy, i can pretend that it was left by fine looking girls after they came over to my crib. So now there is another problem. How do I buy it off of a newsstand? I cannot go to a local 7-Eleven where the clerk knows me and i run a chance to meeting someone i know.

It is awfully incriminating to hold a copy of Cosmo on one hand and my Pepsi on the other. (FYI: As Seinfeld would say, i am not gay, not that there is anything wrong with that.) So one day every month, i do this trek that involves me going to a supermarket store around midnight at a town that is not near my home (about 1 km away?). Given that i usually get out of college pretty late, this aint so hard. Now, college has ended and from now on it would be hell of a trek because i have to start from home. Well, at least it is worth the effort.

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.:Wednesday, November 10, 2004:.
:: Random but accurate example of our fellow monkey species. Being a relatively close relation to the Chu's this particular breed of monkey has taken on many human characteristics such as scratching the balls and wearing clothes in imatation of its favorite football team. A close examination of Sam reveals his human like features which have evolved over the last 5 years in order for him to fit into the boarding house. However, despite the fact that he looks relatively human, Sam is in fact a monkey and of a similar breed to the picture above. To be continued... ::Will::::

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.:Monday, November 08, 2004:.
::All i can say right now is WTF didnt i study more. I had my first TEE exam today "PHYSICS!". I can't believe how hard section A was. Most of the questions i havent even seen before. Now i regrett my lazy days which have been my study break. All i did was think about the end of exams rather than the work it would take to actually pass them. Having said that, I did do a bit of study for physics and heaps for the mocks but i still feel that i did shit. Neway, TO ALL OTHER YR 12'vs OUT THERE STOP THINKING ABOUT LEAVERS AND START STUDYING. And to Dave who is too fricking smart stop studying and start thinking about leavers : ) "Will" ::

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.:Saturday, November 06, 2004:.
::wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww... dat's the only word i could think of when i fist saw dis site.... thanks heaps, guys! (will n sam) huehue... really nicely done... though it makes me feel bad that i'm so lousy at comp ;p niwaez, erm... i'll learn to do websites up then i'll contribute 2 here as well, okie? but only when i've become an expert in this... heehee... oh, btw, sam, WHEN DID WE ESTABLISH MY NICKNAME AS GAY BOI!??!?!?!??!?!? HUH! heheh... okie dokie then, catch up wif u all soon! p.s. can't wait till leavers, man!!!!!!!!!!! :D dave ::

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.:Friday, November 05, 2004:.
::Tryin to study, 3 days till exams, yet when i look at my work, my brain starts yelling NO MORE!! NOMORE!! and so naturally i fall asleep. In the event that i dont fall asleep i feel the pull of my computer from the other end of the house. I stumble into my room sit in my chair and start chatting on MSN or working on this page. SHIT, I look at my watch 6:00 pm and ive done nothing all day. Sit down at my study table and all i can think about is leavers or something else with near zero relavance to what im supposed to be studying. 3 days to go...HELP ME!! ::

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::It's way past my bedtime. At 2:18am, I held my exhausted body rigid as i stare down at the paper before me. My heavy eye lids threaten to shut out the artificial light, bringing on the alluring darkness of sleep. My tired and aching fingers struggle to retain their grip upon my pencil as i move it about to create the many characters and symbols needed to complete my tasks. Indeed, it is a heavy burden i carry. Exams.. I damn thee. ::

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.:Thursday, November 04, 2004:.
::16 more days till exams are over. Less than 5 more days to study our hearts out till the first exam appear in our very own eyes. As soon as it sets on our eyes, anxiety and uneasiness will eventually take over. Mind's turn blank and wretched. Feeling of hopelessness will ease into us and will eventually screw everything up. No, that will not happen to us. We must be optimistic and do our best for the one and only leavers 04. GO SCOTCH!! Oh yeah.. scotch life is over. GO...US!! ::

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.:Wednesday, November 03, 2004:.
::17 more days till the end of exams and the beginning of life. Im going to toast life with 6 bottles of beer and a couple shots of Vodka :) Dave, Sam, Mike, BJ and Rulie will be there with me shareing our first moments of freedom and experiencing the mighty big headache that comes with it :( Cant wait Enjoy the site: Will ::

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OK..So the previous car i had posted didtn work out. It doesnt matter. I found a better one and on Monday 24th of Jan 2005 i will be buying this car for $9200. That is of course, if the RAC checkup says everything is ok with it. Anyway, the car is a 1995 Honda Civic VTi Special Edition (only a few in Australia). The car consists of: Airbags, ABS brakes, 4 speed automatic transmition, elec windows, p/steer, electric sunroof (very cool), 6 stacker cd player, central locking, remote control engine start (very very very cool), air-con, 15" Mags and a 1.6 litre Vtec Engine. The car is actuallt smaller than it looks inthe pics. Looks much better in real life. Anyway, i guess this means i will have to get a decent job so that i will actually be able to run the dam thing :> Wish me luck .:Willl:.


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